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Meet Our Donors

Thank you to our members of the Ellen Clarke Bertrand Society. For a current list, please click here.

Joey Martin ’12

I am incredibly thankful for my time at Bucknell. My four years as a student were a truly transformative experience for me. Bucknell offers a world-class undergraduate academic experience. For this reason, I try to find ways to give back to the University I love each year.

When I first heard about the Bertrand Society, my initial impression led me to believe that it wasn’t intended for younger alumni, in the earlier stages of their careers. However, I learned that the group actually offers us a unique opportunity to increase our impact in a meaningful way.

By designating Bucknell as a beneficiary of my 401K, I can make a commitment within my means. Although my gift won’t be realized by Bucknell for years to come, planned gifts help to sustain the University. I want to do my part to ensure that future generations of Bucknellians have the same opportunities that I had, and more.

As one of the younger members of the Bertrand Society, I call on my peers to consider making a planned gift to our alma mater that we’re so passionate about. Who wants to see Bucknell thrive? WE DO.

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Ed Hauck ’75 and Stefanie Valar

A generous financial aid package made it possible for Ed Hauck ’75 to attend Bucknell and become the first member of his family to earn a college degree. He is grateful for the opportunities Bucknell made possible: an outstanding education, study abroad and wonderful lifelong friends.

Early on, he knew he would repay his debt of gratitude, beginning with yearly contributions to the Annual Fund. Then fifteen years ago, he established the Hauck Family Endowed Scholarship Fund using a downtown Lewisburg property that he rented to Bucknell students.

Ed then set up a charitable remainder trust, naming himself as trustee and stipulating that he and his wife receive income from it for life. As an individual, he donated the real estate to the trust, benefitting from a partial charitable deduction. Then, acting as trustee of the new trust, Ed was able to sell the property without incurring capital gain taxes since Bucknell would eventually receive the trust remainder.

Ed and Stefanie’s estate plan now provides that after the second of them dies, a six-figure charitable remainder trust will be established at each of their alma maters. Each trust will pay Stefanie’s sister 5 percent a year for life; after the sister’s death, the funds remaining in Ed’s trust will be added to the Hauck scholarship fund at Bucknell, and Stefanie’s will create a scholarship fund in her name at her college.

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Forrest ’65 and Valerie ’65 Chilton

Sheldon and Diane Hirschberg

Giving to Bucknell is extremely important to us. Our fabulous years at the University prepared us for our successful transition to a productive, flourishing, favorable adulthood. Bucknell made us what we are! For that, we acknowledge our extraordinary gratitude by giving what we can.

Funding a deferred gift annuity allows us to support Bucknell within our means. It makes a valuable contribution to the University with tax benefits for us. As we age, the annuity provides us income in our later years.

We are among a group of 31 relatives attending Bucknell over four generations. Our family endowed a named scholarship to honor Sidney Grabowski, the first of us to attend and a member of the Class of 1915. This award provides financial support for students from Pennsylvania, Sidney’s home state. Our family members contribute to the scholarship endowment because we love Bucknell. We want the University to remain as it was for all of us: a wonderful, happy experience that helps students mature by making them aware of their own talents and giving them superb opportunities for intellectual development. ‘ray Bucknell!

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Sheldon '69 and Diane Hirschberg P'04

Sheldon and Diane Hirschberg

Bucknell has been a very important part of our lives. From the first-rate education that has opened many doors for me to the lifelong friends met at Bucknell both as a student and as parents of Brian '04, our lives are more rewarding because of our continuing relationship with this wonderful University. We named Bucknell as a beneficiary in my will because we wanted to support Bucknell beyond our annual contribution. We know our bequest will benefit future generations of Bucknellians.

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Larry Klock '69

Larry Klock

Being at Bucknell from age 18 to 22 was truly a defining time for me and, I surmise, for most alums. Perhaps today's generation grows up earlier (and faster) than I did in the late 1960s, but the elements of a Bucknell education remain the same. Our students are blessed with the opportunity to have their values, personality and aspirations shaped and molded while traversing the passage from teenager to young adult. I want my good fortune to be replicated by many future students, so I contribute my time and financial resources to help keep Bucknell a beacon for learning, both inside and outside of the classroom.

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Laurel Ziegler '99

Larel Ziegler

I am so grateful for my involvement in the Bucknell community, both as a student and as an alumna. Naming Bucknell as a beneficiary of my IRA was an easy way to make a philanthropic commitment to the University while ensuring that I have the resources to enjoy life and secure my daughter’s future. I'm also happy I've been able to plan for a scholarship named in honor of my parents to recognize their significant impact on my life.

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Carol '81 and Steve Rosner P'16

Carol and Steve Rosner

My husband, Steve, and I share a strong belief in the importance of education, at every level, and Bucknell has always been high on our volunteer and philanthropic lists. The University gave me the knowledge, skills and friendships that have enabled me to succeed in my personal and professional lives. And now that our son David '16 is on campus, we are getting the chance to see firsthand that Bucknell continues to provide a first-class college experience.

We wanted to make a meaningful gift to the We Do campaign and found we could do so by creating both a bequest intention and a Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT) with Bucknell as the beneficiary. The CRUT will support Bucknell while also providing us with income when we retire. Working with the Office of Gift Planning helped us realize how many opportunities there are for people of all means to support Bucknell and make a difference.

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Connie '66 and Dick '65 Layman

Connie and Dick Layman

Dick and I have always given to Bucknell's Annual Fund, but recently we were inspired to give at a more substantial level. Part of this desire to increase our support was the experience of having a son attend Bucknell and marry a classmate, which certainly has made Bucknell an even more special place for our family.

When we learned that many Bucknell students depend on significant financial aid, we realized our support could make a big difference in their lives. We want to help give more young people the opportunity to attend this amazing place and then contribute -- not just to Bucknell but also to the community and even the world.

A Charitable Gift Annuity was the perfect solution. It provides us with fixed income for life, and the remaining balance will support unrestricted scholarships. We donate with pride, and joy and the sense that we are making an important investment in the future.

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Jim Carll '71

Jim Carll

It is important to give back to those people and institutions that have been instrumental in our development and success. I've found there is no better way to accomplish this than with planned giving. Many planned giving vehicles let you make a meaningful gift today with no impact on current cash flow. I'm happy I've been able to plan for a scholarship program through my will, and it's great to know I'll be helping future generations of Bucknellians.

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Kathy Vizas '79

Kathy Vizas

To become a truly national, even international, institution of higher learning, Bucknell must embrace diversity in all forms – racial, religious, economic, ethnic, lifestyle and more. That's why I support the University's partnership with the Posse Foundation and have included student diversity programs in my bequest. It's the right thing to do for the students, and it is good for Bucknell.

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Elaine Watkins '80

Elaine Watkins

"Bucknell provides a unique and powerful environment for students to take risks, to explore, to change themselves and the world. My budget may not support major cash gifts now, but I can provide for Bucknell in my estate plan. It was simple to designate the University as a beneficiary in my retirement account, giving a percentage of whatever is in the fund when I'm gone."

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Jodie Faier '70

Jodie Faier

"My Bucknell education was fabulous, both in and out of the classroom. I learned to be a leader not just in my profession, but also in my life. I'm hoping my bequest gift can help provide a similar experience for future generations of Bucknellians."

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Herb Wilcox '50

Herb Wilcox

Herb chose to honor his late wife, Janice Cupp Wilcox '51, by funding a charitable gift annuity at Bucknell – where they met and fell in love. As a tribute to her passion for her work as a librarian, he designated his gift for the Bertrand Library.

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Barbara Lancaster '80

Barbara Lancaster

"I live the way I want to, and that's what matters. My bequest will help Bucknell give students the kind of learning experience that enables them to do the same."
-- Barbara Dowell Lancaster '80, San Pedro, Calif.

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Ellen Peterson Williams '19

Ellen Peterson Williams

The bequest of Ellen Peterson Williams '19 endowed two music professorships and a related research fund, plus two merit scholarships.

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Roger '59 & Carolyn Conners

Roger and Carolyn Conners

Roger and Carolyn, longtime supporters of the Bison Club, made a special gift in honor of his 50th Reunion. Their charitable gift annuity helps Bucknell and provides the couple with lifetime income.

"It's a win-win situation," says Roger.

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